At the Research Station Haidhof an international team of about 40 scientists, consisting of 3 professors, postdocs, doctoral candidates und master's students work on their research projects, supported by a staff team.

The focus of the Department of Cognitive Biology at the University of Vienna is on social behaviour and social intelligence, animal communication and bioacoustics. For more information see

The Messerli Research Institute at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna deals with questions regarding the human-animal-relation and animal ethics in the area of biology (cognition and behaviour), medicine (human and veterinary) and philosophy (ethics). For more information see



Thomas Bugnyar

University of Vienna 
Department of Cognitive Science

Thomas Bugnyar HH

Prof Bugnyar is interested in the social behaviour and cognitive abilities of non-human animals. He uses an ethological approach in combination with methods of comparative psychology, studying animals under captive and field conditions. The broad questions are
i) which abilities individuals require to solve problems in daily life with others 
ii) what types of mental representation underlie these abilities and
iii) how skills are acquired and transmitted. 

Tecumseh Fitch

University of Vienna 
Departement of Cognitive Science

 Tecumseh Fitch HH

Prof Fitch focuses on the evolution of cognition and communication, particularly the mechanisms underlying vocal production and complex pattern perception.  His bioacoustics research has focussed on the morphological, physiological, and physical mechanisms underlying vocal production in diverse terrestrial vertebrates and on using a detailed understanding of these mechanisms to produce computer-synthesized vocalizations for use in playback experiments. 

Ludwig Huber

University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna
Messerli Research Institut

Ludwig Huber HH 

Prof Huber's main scientific interest is in the interplay of innovation and constraints in the evolution of cognition, and the mutual contributions of phylogenetic and ontogenetic expertise in the development of individual cognition.  His reserach projects have clustered around four topics of animal cognition:
i) perceptual cognition
ii) social cognition
iii) technical cognition and
iv) reasoni